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Cafe and bars
Кафе Венеция

Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel: Vienna Cafe 

The Vienna Cafe approximates a traditional coffee shop in a corner of the Izmailovo Gamma Delta's lobby. The menu contains a wide range of fresh pastries, cakes, and desserts, as well as a large selection of teas and coffees. Open daily 24-hours.

Кафе-бар Черная пантера

Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel: Black Panther 

Located in the lobby of the Delta wing, this small bar is open round-the-clock, serving a basic range of alcoholic and soft drinks, teas, coffees, and light snacks. Open daily 24-hours.

Кафе Эль-Шарк

Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel: Al-Shark 

Located in the lobby of the Delta wing, Al-Shark is an Arabic-style tearoom offering a variety of pastries and sweets, including baklawa, plus a wide range of teas and Turkish coffee. Open daily 24-hours.

Кафе Амазония

Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel: Amazonia 

This dimly lit bar-restaurant in the lobby of the Delta wing is probably the best place at the Izmailovo Gamma Delta for a late-night snack. The menu contains a range of Caucasus dishes in home cooked style, and the bar features live music every evening. Open daily 24-hours.

Лобби бары

Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel: Lobby Bars 

The Izmailovo Gamma Delta's two small lobby bars one for each of the hotel's buildings both serve a basic range of spirits and soft drinks, teas and coffees, and light snacks. Open daily from 7:00 to 3:00.


Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel: Lobby Bar 

The lobby bar is situated in the central lobby if Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel – in front of the central stair. The bar is equipped with big Plazma TV screen, DVD player and 19 satellite and local channels receiver. A wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks, juices, teas, coffee and snacks is offered.

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