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Izmailovo hotel invites the guests to visit events of the City Day Celebrations. Most of the capital's estate parks have prepared programmes for the entire weekend. For instance, the opera art centre at Izmailovo estate park is to host a performance of the opera "The Tsar's Bride" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov on September 5 at 7 pm.

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Single Standard 3700 3300
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Twin Standard 3800 3400
Single Business 4100 3700
Twin Business 4300 3900
Double Business 4300 3900
Suite Twin Business 5500 5000
Suite Double Business 5500 5000
Single 1st Class (No Aircond.) 4700 4200
Single 1st Class (Aircond. 01/04-31/10 4700 4200
Double 1st Class (No Aircond.) 5000 4500
Double 1st Class (Aircond. 01/04-31/10) 5000 4500
Suite 1st Class (No Aircond.) 8000 7200
Suite 1st Class (Aircond. 01/04-31/10) 8000 7200

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Open buffet breakfast 450
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Open buffet dinner 500

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Visa typePrice (rur) Period of validity
Single entry tourist visa support 1200 Validity 28 days/Issued by EYE VISTA within 1 day
Single entry business visa support 1600 Validity 30 days/Issued within 16-20 days
90 days single entry business visa support 3000 Validity 90 days/Issued within 16-20 days
90 days double entry business visa support 3500 Validity 90 days/Issued within 16-20 days
180 days multiple entry business visa support 4000 Validity 180 days/Issued within 25 days
365 days multiple entry business visa support 6500 Validity 365 days/Issued within 25 days
Single entry tourist visa support with hotel booking 0 Period of stay at hotel/issued by EYE VISTA within 1 day

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One way transfer from/to airport Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo or raiway station to/from hotel by car 1950
One way transfer from/to any airport to/from hotel by bus (maximum 50 passenger) 10150
One way transfer from/to any airport to/from hotel by bus (maximum 40 passengers) 8700
One way transfer from/to airport Domodedovo to/from hotel by minibus (maximum 17 passengers) 5500
One way transfer from/to airport Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo to/from hotel by minibus (maximum 17 passengers) 5000
One way transfer from/to Domodedovo to/from hotel by minibus (maximum 13 passengers) 4700
One way transfer from/to Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo to/from hotel by minibus (maximum 13 passengers) 4500
One way transfer from/to airport Domodedovo to/from hotel by car 2100

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Izmailovo (Izmaylovo, Izmajlovo) hotels.

Izmailovo (Izmaylovo, Izmajlovo) hotels is the common name for the Touristic Hotel Complex Izmailovo united at one site of Izmaylovo district of Moscow the following independent 3 stars hotels: Izmailovo Alfa Hotel ***, Izmailovo Beta Hotel ***, Izmailovo Vega Hotel*** and joint block Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel***. All blocks are situated at the walking distance from each other.

The Izmailovo Gamma Delta is well-known to travelers who used to visit Moscow recently and is the best choice for those who are looking for the not expensive and comfortable accommodation in Moscow. Everybody can say that the Izmailovo Gamma Delta is an excellent and well-equipped choice for the more budget-conscious traveler. There is an opinion of one of the guests of Izmailovo hotel: “I travel to Moscow six or seven times a year on business. For the first few years I would stay downtown at the five-star hotels. Very nice but expensive.


The hotels Gamma-Delta of Izmailovo are very reasonably priced alternatives. Clean, comfortable but not luxurious rooms, with TV and shower, friendly staff, good restaurants and bar. For about 1/5 the price of the downtown 5 stars, I would always stay at Izmailovo! Izmailovo hotel is 6 stops from Red Square and the center of the city. All Izmailovo hotels are just across the road from Partizanskaya Metro Station and any block can be reached within a few minutes. There are secured parking areas in front of every Izmailovo hotel and guests are welcome to come with their cars or by coaches.

Of particularly interest to tourists, is the neighboring Izmailovo market (held on weekends), one of the city's major tourist attractions due to its extensive array of traditional Russian gifts and souvenirs.” There are more than 5000 rooms of different types and categories at the Izmailovo hotels. It is easy to book, make reservation and reserve a room the Izmailovo hotel. EYE VISTA Hotel Service’s Booking Department and Izmailovo hotel web site are at your disposal24 hours daily everyday. We have a big allotment of rooms at the Izmaylovo Gamma-Delta block and can confirm your reservation on-line.

The Izmailovo hotel and EYE VISTA Hotel Service welcome you in Moscow to be at your service in Russia.


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